Cut All Ties – Jep and Dep NEW SINGLE featured today on Rolling Stone.

CutAllTies side

We are very excited today to unveil our new single “Cut All Ties” was featured today on Rolling Stone magazine.

See the Video and story HERE.

CUT ALL TIES is the latest single to be lifted off our critically acclaimed debut album WORD GOT OUT.

CUT ALL TIES is about pain and abandonment, there is no real light hearted way to sidestep around the content matter but our take on a Phil Spector Wall of Sound inspired dramatic cresendo is almost euphoric in the realisation that the relationship is complete and now resolved.

‘We Cut All Ties, We Cut All Ties 

and now you have set me free”…..

This will be the last single to be taken off WORD GOT OUT as we are excitingly writing and recording album number two, recently returning from recording and touring in Finland, Paris and Germany- to yet again critical acclaim and a real fever pitch buzz from the European music underground community.

Jep and Dep will be launching CUT ALL TIES at “Heartbreaker Sessions” at Freda’s Bar in Chippendale October 4th.


Heres what Rolling Stone Magazine’s Jonny Nail had to say:

“As its title would suggest, “Cut All Ties”, the latest single lifted from Jep and Dep’s brilliant debut album, focuses on packing up the old brown suitcase and just walking away.

However, any sense of ‘fresh start’ optimism is squashed by both sides of the duelling vocals — Darren Cross’ deadpan delivery and Jessica Cassar’s heart-tugging response. The two play off each other, swapping rolls of villain and victim, along the alt-country linear path. That is until, with little fanfare, the track explodes into its second wind, a triumph choir lifting us up towards the cliff-hanging closer: “who will set me free?”

The song’s video, created by the band’s themselves and sticking to their usual black and white motif, partners this lyrical bluntness with unmistakably suburban surrounding that shares this same duality, a setting equally associated with both freedom and despair”.

See the Video and story HERE.

JEP AND DEP – News and Gigs this Thursday!!!


We are back from Europe.

We had an incredible time.

But we are back, planning all that is Jep and Dep, working on Album number II and a filmclip for our next single; the last single to be taken from our debut album WORD GOT OUT. 

Did you read our tour diary of Europe? Well if not, you can read it here.

Since being back we have supported, Lost RagasRob Snarski and Aldous Harding

This week in Sydney, we have a Jep and Dep show supporting the fantastic Jo Meares this is on Thursday at the Vanguard In Newtown, Jep aka Jessica will be joining the Jo Meares band on stage as back up vocalist, so it’s going to be a real treat.

Tickets are available from The Vanguard.

Facebook event here.


AND on Sunday 6th September Dep aka Darren Cross is doing a solo show at the wonderful new Heartbreaker Sessions at Freda’s Bar Sydney. It’s going to be heartbreakingly, pull-at-your-heart-strings good. Also on the bill, William Crighton and live DJ sets from Post To Wire. The night officially starts at 5pm, music from 6.45pm and it’s free.

Listen to Wild and Free by Darren off his debut EP No Damage.

Heartbreaker Sessions facebook event here.


We hope to see you there!

x Jep and Dep

Jep and Dep in Berlin Exclusive – Splendid Magazine- IN COLOUR!


Check out our exclusive Jep and Dep spread in the fashion, music, art and everything cool Berlin based magazine Splendid Berlin Magazine.

While on our recent tour of Europe – we met up with the wonderful Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit and Mark Fernyborough .We walked around our beloved Berlin one Sunday, talked about our music, got photographed in an old abandoned swimming pool turned beer garden and spoke everything about Jep and Dep.
And just for the Jep and Dep buffs- it’s our first ever published colour photossmile emoticon’. 

Portraits by Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit.

Check out The International Guide to Berlin – Splendid MagazineJep and Dep piece here.



When we were on tour in Europe we took an early morning train ride an hour outside Berlin to record a live video session with Canoe Concerts. If you blink you might miss the dark figure standing at the waters edge, creatures swimming below the water and Jep being hit in the face by a tree. It was much fun! Check out the video of Babe Come Down below:




Well, we just got back from our two month tour of Europe and we had a great time and we are [not] feeling hopelessly depressed or forlorn at all…Here’s a little tour diary of all that happened in pictures and words…


After a 30 hour flight from Sydney the last thing one wants to do is catch a 4 hour bus to the middle of Finland to play a show with a psychedelic, pop rock band…no one except for us. This is what we did when we landed in Finland, just after we picked up our hand cut debut album ‘WORD GOT OUT’ on vinyl from Helsinki record label Royal Mint Records. First stop: Jyväskylä playing with legends 22-Piskepirkko at Luttako.

Boy was it fun. Psychedelic Rock + jet lag + snow + whiskey = feeling good. The folks at Luttako were super friendly and made us a lovely breakfast. The two brothers in 22 Piskepirkko were super nice gentlemen as well AND IT WAS SNOWING!





After sleeping in bunk beds in what looked like a crack den we raced for another bus for another 4 hour Journey to Oulu to play with Jarkko Martikainen  who could possibly be the nicest guy (with the best hair) in Finland. Jarkko sang completely in Finnish so we had no idea what he was singing about, but the crowd loved him. We played to a packed room who were all lovely and had the best after song applause screams of all our Europe tour.The venue was fanatastic- the 45 Special.



More photos from the show can be viewed here. 

The next morning after a few hours sleep we caught another ONNI BUS (amazing super cheap European bus service- make Greyhound buses look like 1880 Soviet cattle wagons). This time it was an eight hour bus ride back to Helsinki to do a radio interview at Radio Helsinki with Njassa. The tallest, craziest DJ of all time.

Here’s the Podcast of the interview



After taking a few days to shoot the -1 breeze, see the Robert Mapplethorpe photography exhibition, watch Jep eat a full bag of deepfried tiny fish (still with their eyes) and get attacked by a swarm of seagulls, hand screen some Jep and Dep limited edition tote bags with Cam and Lau at Royal Mint Records we took another Onni bus. This time to Turku to play at Bar Kuka with the ‘Nick Cave’ of Finland: Kauko Röyhkä at Bar Kuka.

Turku was a super nice town – real pretty and vibrant and Kauko was quite the character. We got put up in a fancy hotel, had long showers and free breakfast. This was like heaven. The venue Bar Kuka was super cosy as well. We made some new fans. They bought our record.





Dep with Kaouko Rouka.

Back to Helsinki by Onni bus (again) to play  with Mirel Wagner, whose music we both love. Mirel was a very kind and delicate woman who took little puffs of her cigarette in the greenroom, whispered a few words between her songs, and  captivated the audience with her dark, menacing lullabies. It was a pleasure to support her.





After our show with Mirel we had one final weekend in Helsink. We did two more shows, one at the Thirsty Scholar and the second at Linko Pizza which was a very special night of music. Dep did a solo show at Linko as support. The crowd were enchanting. It all got middle earth that night. Magical. Vibrant. We hung out for 20 minutes near a Cash machine in the cold talking after the show.

Linko even recorded two of our songs, ‘Babe Come Down’ and a new song, “Every Morning”.



Despite this photo, we had a great time.


With very little sleep, and an early flight (that eventually got cancelled) we left Helsinki for the place that fills the empty voids our hearts…



Armed with our debut album ‘WORD GOT OUT’ on limited edition vinyl we arrived in Schöneberg, just in time for Record Store Day. We got to play at Dodo Beach Record Store who put on a mini festival on the streets outside their shopfront. A truck was converted to a stage and the streets were buzzing with beers and berliners. We were so cold we had to buy clothes from the op shop near by. It was a blast!

Record Store




Next show was at Madame Claude, an old brothel converted into a bar/music venue. As the music venue was basically a dungeon we decided to play up in the bar without a PA. Despite this it was a great, special night.

In other big news- Dep got a haircut in Neukölln by a teenage Turkish barber. Looooong story, but ten Euro’s well spent. OKAY, so the story is that Jep unsuccessfully (and at the persuasive demands of Dep) cut Dep’s hair first. It was a fail, Dep looked like Denise Drysdale in the 80’s but not quite as attractive. He fled to the closet barber and scared all of the Turkish lads cutting hair and sculpting Muslim beards. They thought Dep was a homeless Americian Transvestite (true). After a few hand gestures and a quick google of Johnny Cash on a Iphone3 the shaver fired up and Dep’s brief career as an out of work drag-queen was terminated. Jep has no comment on the matter.

Photo below is from another lovely gig at Robart in Rixdorf, Neukölln.

We recorded 4 new songs,  for album number two at Paul Lincke Studio with the one and only Alexander “Harrison Silverfox” Ott and played at Wowsville where our record can be found out back in the record shop.




After a few more shows scattered through Berlin, we went on tour with the craziest, most fun people we know. THE FIZZIES who sound like a cross between The Feelies, Bob Dylan and Creedence Clearwater Revival. And they know how to party. Touring Southern Germany we went to Heidelberg, Wurzberg, Frankfurt and then back to Berlin– it was four days of great music, Southern (german) hospitality and mountain / highway highs. We had the best time. Karl from the Fizzi’s is now Dep’s hero. We finished the tour with the Fizzi’s at a sold out show at Kugelbahn in Wedding, Berlin.



Another early flight and this time to PARIS. Our first gig was at at Balades Sonores, a record store/venue–a vinyl lover’s paradise. Met some super lovely people at Balades– everyone wanted our album on vinyl but unfortunately we had sold out of our limited edition run by the time we hit Southern Germany. So Welcome to Paris!  The home of tiny expensive apartments, cheap cheese and bread. We stayed in Canal St Martin which was edgy but cool.

Our official Paris album launch was at a great venue called Pop In, run by Denis-an absolute legend and definitely one of the nicest guys we met in Paris (Bonjour Denis). Dep had played there on Tuesday supporting a Parisian based Canadian band called ‘Plumes’ and both nights was fantastique! Great audiences for both shows! Local duo Barn Swallows supported us, met some lovely people AND hey we were still having fun!


You know the waiting room scene in Beetlejuice? Well this is what our last gig in Paris at La Zorba was like. Lets. Just. Leave. It. At. That. Le Zorba.

Our last night in Paris culminated into a Parisian Airbnb Horror story. We had to flee our rented apartment in fear of safety – got rescued by our Kiwi friend Rosie in Pigalle and caught a 4.30am Taxi to the Charles de Gaulle Airport to head back to our beloved Berlin for a steady diet of 3 Euro Kreuzberg Falafels.



Boy it felt great to be back in Berlin with our surrogate Uncle and Aunt, Chrissy and Hot Ott in Kreuzberg.
We did a live music session and photograph session with the Berlin Fashion and Culture magazine – Splendid Magazine which should be published soon.
After 8 weeks of touring we had two shows left in Berlin, a farewell show at the wonderful Culture Container run by Franz – a funny character -who’s wife was chased by Nick Cave and Blixer Bargeld in the 80’s-this really really impressed Dep. Our last show in Berlin was at Silverwings Club (an old WW1 Germany airport- once the biggest building in the world) in Templehof- on a stage Johnny Cash once played!
We had one more party with our dear friends the Fizzi’s, Kissed our our Berlin main man/spiritual Tour Guide Alex Ott goodbye at the airport and reluctantly we headed back home to the most expensive country in the world, Australia (well done Prime Minister Tony Abbott).

SO thats the end of our two month tour of Europe– we had the time of our lives. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way, bought our record or took the time to come to one, two or three of our gigs. We want to get back as soon as we can. So with these experiences in mind, we start writing our next album.

We truly love Europe and all of our new and old friends over there!



You can catch Jep and Dep live in Sydney:

20/6 Supporting Lost Ragas at Lazy Bones

3/7 Supporting Rob Snarski at The Vanguard.

Jep and Dep now in Paris.

 Yes it’s true- we now are in Paris, leaving our darling Berlin and our bloody fantastic German friends behind (for two weeks anyway).

We had the most fun ever in Germany, played some great shows and did some spot on recording, but now we are in the most seductive city of them all : Paris.

We will be making our French live debut this Sunday at ‘La Fabrique Balades Sonores ‘and then a show at the wonderful ‘Pop In’ on Thursdayfollowed by a show at ‘Le Zorba’ on Friday.

You might see us busking near Canal St Martin as well 🙂

Stay tuned for other spontaneously announced performances.

Dates- all shows in Paris.

Sunday 17th May at Balades Sonores at 1930pm. Darren Cross (Dep) supporting.

Facebook event here.

Thursday 21st May at Pop In 21.00pm start support from Parisian locals BarnSwallow.

Friday 22 st May at Le Zorba.

Tell your friends in Paris to come along!


Check out dates on Songkick.

Merci Beacoup,

Jep and Dep.



5 Shows in Germany this week!



We love it here in Neukölln, met some new friends and met up with old friends, did some recording for album number II with the amazing Alex Ott at his fantastic Paul Lincke Studios in Kreuzberg with a beautiful 1979 Martin Acoustic and one microphone- live take- 60’s style.

We start a 5 day tour tomorrow In Rixdorf Neukölln then head to Hiedelberg, Frankfurt, Würzberg then back to Berlin in Wedding on Sunday.

The last 4 shows we are supporting our Neofolkfreakout buddies from Berlin ‘Fizzi’s’.

Tuesday 5th May @ Rotbart’s in Rixdorf Neukölln 8pm.

Facebook event.

Thursday 7th May @ Leitstelle im Dezernat 16 in Heidelberg.

Friday 8th May @ Dreikönigskeller in Frankfurt.

Saturday 9th May @ Wilde 13 in Würzberg.

Sunday 10th May @ Kugelbahn in Wedding.

Check dates here Jep and Dep songkick.

Facebook event for the tour.

Other big exciting news, at Darren’s request , Jess unsuccessfully cut his hair (kinda looked like elderly drag queen with a shonky Bob style wig on) Darren dragged himself to the local turkish barber- who then got handballed  to who seemed to be the apprentice – didn’t quite understand how to do the Beatles mop top , the whole barber shop was in total shock of Darren’s elderly drag queen ‘Jessica Cassar unique hair style’ sitting under Darren’s beanie- so Darren chose the only other option- the Johnny Cash – short back and sides long on top- hahaha…riveting stuff.

More important and exciting music news as its uploaded/ published/announced.


Jep and Dep

Jep and Dep now in Germany!

  Thankyou Finland, you were wonderful! Not only did we support some amazing musicians such as 22 Pistepirkko, Jarkko Martikainen, Kauko Röyhkä and Mirel Wagner, we also performed live on Radio Helsinki and our album came out, handcut on vinyl on Helsinki based Royal Mint Records AND we had the most amazing show at Linko Pizza.

But now we are in our beloved Berlin with a stack of German shows!

Wowsville Berlin Friday 17th April 9pm

Dodo Beach Berlin Record Store Day Saturday 18th April 4.15pm

Madame Claude (Album Launch) Friday 24th April supports Darren Cross.

Cafe Leitstelle -Heidelberg Thursday 7th May supporting our wonderful Berlin based psych – indie – freakout friends Fizzis.

Dreikönigskeller – Frankfurt Friday 8th May supporting Fizzis.

Würzburg Saturday 9th May  supporting Fizzis.

Kugelbahn- Berlin / Wedding Sunday 10th May supporting Fizzis. 

Culture Container Berlin Wednesday 27th May

Wowsville Saturday 30th May FAREWELL EUROPE PARTY 

Check for events and listings because more shows will be added in typical Berlin fashion 🙂


Jep and Dep

Jep and Dep in Finland Next Week.


Jep and Dep start our European Tour In FINLAND next week.
*Thursday April 2nd supporting 22-Pistepirkko at Tanssisali Lutakko in Jyväskylä
*Friday April 3rd supporting Jarkko Martikainen (virallinen) at 45 Special in Oulu
*Saturday April 4th The Thirsty Scholar Helsinki
*Monday April 6th we will be on Radio Helsinki
*Thursday April 9th supporting Kauko Röyhkä (virallinen) at Bar Kuka in Turku.
*Friday April 10th supporting Mirel Wagner at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki

Darren Cross aka Dep will also be doing a solo show at Linko Pizza Bar in Helsinki the 5th of April.

All are wonderful artists!

AND our debut record ‘WORD GOT OUT’ will be released on vinyl on Helsinki based Royal Mint Records.

Dates here at our song kick.

Nähdään siellä !

Jep and Dep announce European Tour April/May 2015.

JEPandDEP Europe smal22l With great excitement and fanfare we announce our Jep and Dep 2015 tour of Europe. We will be heading to Finland, Germany and Paris as part of a two month voyage of touring to promote our critically acclaimed debut album ‘WORD GOT OUT’. We will also be start recording album number two. Also great news is that vinyl only, boutique Helsinki based record label Royal Mint Records is releasing ‘WORD GOT OUT’ on vinyl format, which we will be selling and promoting through Europe as well. Also exciting is that in Finland we are supporting three fantastic Finnish artists at three big different gigs – the wonderful Mirel Wagner, Indie Finnish royalty 22 Pistepirkko and Finnish legend Kauko Röyhkä. Then we head to our beloved Berlin for a bunch of shows in awesome places -our album launch will be at the wonderful Madame Claude – meeting up with some old friends ,doing a bunch of shows in Germany with Psych-neo Folk trippers The Fizzis, recording in one of the best studios in Berlin,  Paul Lincke Studios with the multi-talented Alexander Ott then off to our new love affair that is Paris playing a show with the fantastic French Alt-country chanteuse Alma Forrer at our Paris album launch at the legendary POP IN  and other scattered gigs around the beautiful Paris. SOOOO Lots going on! Gig info here at Songkick.  MORE SHOWS TO BE ANNOUNCED 🙂 And please follow us Spotify – apparently its all the rage . We would love to see you in Europe.