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  2. Heya Jess, Darren

    As always, it was a delight to hear and watch you perform. I’m taken to a unique and wonderful place listening to THEY’VEBEENCALLED, haunting, beautiful, ethereal are words that come to mind. Like much great music, this album grows on me, is enjoyed and appreciated more with each listen, kind of like a hidden gem, for me anyway. Not a ‘look at me’ album, but two people doing what they love and have something special happening. Anyway, enough enough of my mush, though all true.

    I see Darren hasn’t lost his daggy sense of humour (~_^).

    Until next time,

    love, Nikki

  3. Thank you Nikki! We are glad you are liking _Xantastic! We have a single launch at Petersham Bowling Club on November 4 with Jo Meares. Might see you there!
    Jep and Dep

  4. Heya Jess, Darren

    Well, I must say twas a BIG time buzz to catch up with you both last night at Lazy Bones. Darren, upon multiple listens of yr solo effort Xantastic, I’m really impressed. It always confounds me as to why talented artists like yourself and Jessica are so underrated, go figure huh !!
    Anyway, no doubt I shall catch you both at another venue (or the same) some time soon.

    Much love


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