Jep and Dep are an underground Folk-Noir Duo from Sydney. Their music is often compared to Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra meets Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. Beautifully dark, dramatic and Cinematic.

Formed in 2012, the duo independently released their acclaimed debut Album ‘WORD GOT OUT’ in 2014 earning 4 out of 5 stars from the Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine.

The duo have been invited to support some amazing artist so far, such as Johnny Marr from The Smiths, Kristin Hersh from Throwing Muses, Deertick, Jen Cloher, Mirel Wagner and more recently Aldous Harding, The Black Eyed Susans, Jessica Pratt, Dawn Landes, Jody Stephens from Big Star, LOW Mike Noga and Courtney Barnett

Jep and Dep are currently working on their second album, which see’s a shift in their sound to a sadder, darker, creepier, ethereal terrain, one that could be found in a Lynchian dream or True Detective nightmare.

“Jep and Dep will melt your heart like a marshmallow at a campfire”…Courtney Barnett in NME magazine.

“The defiantly downbeat mood come on like folk-noir variations on Nick Cave and KylieMinogue’s classic Where the Wild Roses Grow, ballads with the right balance of creeping menace and painful regret” **** 4 Stars Jeff Apter Sydney Morning Herald

“Convey emotion, transports the listener and creates captivating vignettes that pull you in deeper and deeper ” 8/10 Chris Familton The Music.


Other words about Jep and Dep

“…Word Got Out, the first album from this project with singer Jessica Cassar, falls confidently into a gothic folk mould, with the duo’s very different vocals building huge mountains of sound over a sparse bed of acoustic guitar and the odd distant cymbal crash. Non-Americans rarely do this type of thing well, but Jep and Dep, like Bonnie “Prince” Billy or 16 Horsepower…” 4 Stars, Rolling Stone

“Ten songs in thirty minutes and nothing outstays its welcome. This is an album built on the back of well-written songs and arranged, sung and played with an eye for detail and the concise deployment of subtle theatricality. It conveys emotion, transports the listener and creates captivating vignettes that pull you in deeper and deeper on each listen” 8/10 Chris Familton, Doubtful Sounds

“This is a beautifully presented dark, soaring and occasionally haunting alt-country number from Sydney’s Jep And Dep. Perhaps the best thing about it is they’ve managed to include the tropes of their chosen genre that make it so alluring without compromising their identity. That is to say, they’re not pretending to be a murderous couple from the American south circa-1949. This unaffected approach is rarer than it should be in the so-called folk-noir genre – it’s easier to make imitation sound good – so ‘Granted’ is a very welcome new track” – Double J on “Granted”

“Sydney duo Jep and Dep show some lovely flair for atmospheric sounds on their debut album “Word Got Out”, their songs ringing with a sweet intimacy and more than a touch of the dark side of life…”- 2ser Radio

“The Sydney duo write music for now in a style that is both contemporary and nostalgic…” – Denver Maxx, Beat Magazine

“…Done with the right intent – as here, with minimal distraction from the central conversations – the emotions are front and centre, the simplicity sharpening the focus. Despite the relative youth of the names on the marquee, we’re talking early Johnny Cash and June Carter here, rather than Kenny and Dolly. Darren Cross’ almost-croon and strummed guitar makes for good contrast with Jessica Cassar’s sometimes bell-like lamentations. Babe Come Down’s distant cymbal splash, or My Man’s banjo, just underscore the love – or love gone wrong …” – Ross McClelland, The Music.

Australian Album Of The Year on The Outpost, Vinny Ramone, 2ser.

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