Jess with the Black Eyed Susan’s – Fairytale of New York, Spotted Mallard , Melbourne Christmas Shows.



God help Us – A selfie at the Caravan Music Club before supporting Black Eyed Susan’s sold out show at the best venue ever – Caravan Music Club- Oakleigh. (We kicked butt by the way- 6 new songs !!)


Yarra Hotel Sunday show.A nice afternoon methinks.

Over the moon we are.

We supported one of our favourite Melbourne acts ever- The Black Eyed Susan’s at both their recent Melbourne Christmas Shows- heck we were invited by Mr Snarski himself.

Playing to the sold out Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh was a moving experience- what a crowd , venue , vibe and sound man.

Jess / Jep sung two songs with the band as well- one of Dep’s favourite bands  ‘The Pogues’ with Fairytale of New York and Whams ‘Last Christmas‘ believe it or not – heartfelt  and creepy.

Did a wonderful interview with Denise Hyland at the fantastic RRR studios on her TWANG show and rounded the weekend off at a show at The Yarra with the fantastic Bell St Delays as support.

We performed 6 news songs -all 3 of the nights that will be on our ‘Second album’ we are are working on RIGHT NOW!!

Peace out- have a good holiday.

And Melbourne thanks for being tops!


Jep and Dep.





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