Cut All Ties – Jep and Dep NEW SINGLE featured today on Rolling Stone.

CutAllTies side

We are very excited today to unveil our new single “Cut All Ties” was featured today on Rolling Stone magazine.

See the Video and story HERE.

CUT ALL TIES is the latest single to be lifted off our critically acclaimed debut album WORD GOT OUT.

CUT ALL TIES is about pain and abandonment, there is no real light hearted way to sidestep around the content matter but our take on a Phil Spector Wall of Sound inspired dramatic cresendo is almost euphoric in the realisation that the relationship is complete and now resolved.

‘We Cut All Ties, We Cut All Ties 

and now you have set me free”…..

This will be the last single to be taken off WORD GOT OUT as we are excitingly writing and recording album number two, recently returning from recording and touring in Finland, Paris and Germany- to yet again critical acclaim and a real fever pitch buzz from the European music underground community.

Jep and Dep will be launching CUT ALL TIES at “Heartbreaker Sessions” at Freda’s Bar in Chippendale October 4th.


Heres what Rolling Stone Magazine’s Jonny Nail had to say:

“As its title would suggest, “Cut All Ties”, the latest single lifted from Jep and Dep’s brilliant debut album, focuses on packing up the old brown suitcase and just walking away.

However, any sense of ‘fresh start’ optimism is squashed by both sides of the duelling vocals — Darren Cross’ deadpan delivery and Jessica Cassar’s heart-tugging response. The two play off each other, swapping rolls of villain and victim, along the alt-country linear path. That is until, with little fanfare, the track explodes into its second wind, a triumph choir lifting us up towards the cliff-hanging closer: “who will set me free?”

The song’s video, created by the band’s themselves and sticking to their usual black and white motif, partners this lyrical bluntness with unmistakably suburban surrounding that shares this same duality, a setting equally associated with both freedom and despair”.

See the Video and story HERE.

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