5 Shows in Germany this week!



We love it here in Neukölln, met some new friends and met up with old friends, did some recording for album number II with the amazing Alex Ott at his fantastic Paul Lincke Studios in Kreuzberg with a beautiful 1979 Martin Acoustic and one microphone- live take- 60’s style.

We start a 5 day tour tomorrow In Rixdorf Neukölln then head to Hiedelberg, Frankfurt, Würzberg then back to Berlin in Wedding on Sunday.

The last 4 shows we are supporting our Neofolkfreakout buddies from Berlin ‘Fizzi’s’.

Tuesday 5th May @ Rotbart’s in Rixdorf Neukölln 8pm.

Facebook event.

Thursday 7th May @ Leitstelle im Dezernat 16 in Heidelberg.

Friday 8th May @ Dreikönigskeller in Frankfurt.

Saturday 9th May @ Wilde 13 in Würzberg.

Sunday 10th May @ Kugelbahn in Wedding.

Check dates here Jep and Dep songkick.

Facebook event for the tour.

Other big exciting news, at Darren’s request , Jess unsuccessfully cut his hair (kinda looked like elderly drag queen with a shonky Bob style wig on) Darren dragged himself to the local turkish barber- who then got handballed  to who seemed to be the apprentice – didn’t quite understand how to do the Beatles mop top , the whole barber shop was in total shock of Darren’s elderly drag queen ‘Jessica Cassar unique hair styling.com style’ sitting under Darren’s beanie- so Darren chose the only other option- the Johnny Cash – short back and sides long on top- hahaha…riveting stuff.

More important and exciting music news as its uploaded/ published/announced.


Jep and Dep

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