JEPandDEP Next batch of Shows!


Just putting the finishing touches on our debut album! We are also happy to announce these next bunch of shows, including shows supporting the amazing Mia Dyson and the wonderful Lindi Ortega.

Would love to see you at one of the the shows. If you come to all the shows Jep will buy you a whiskey . If you have any 70’s acoustic guitars that need some TLC and you want to donate them- Dep would love to accept them into our home.

*Thursday March 13th The Folk Informal at FBi Social

*Friday March 14th Coogee Diggers Supporting Matt Walker and the Lost ragas

*Saturday March 15th The Factory Theatre Supporting Matt Walker and the Lost Ragas

*Sunday March 16th The Midnight Special

*Thursday March 28th Cropfest St.Mary’s Cathedral Square from 5.30pm

*Friday March 29th Proper Music Social supporting The Holy Soul

*Thursday April 3rd Factory Floor Supporting Mia Dyson

*Saturday April 5th The Toff In Town Melbourne Supporting Mia Dyson

*Thursday April 22nd Brighton Up Bar Sydney Supporting Lindi Ortega (Canada)

Event Pages:

March 13
March 14th
March 15th

March 28th

April 22nd

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